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Historically talking about a Tilt-Shift Lens is talking about quality and control and Canon with its Tilt-Shift Lenses it certainly achieves it The Canon TS Off-center lenses are one of the best options for those photographers who like to control everything, including focus, they are always manual focus, as well as perspective control, thanks to being able to choose the tilt and the rotation

These Canon TS lenses achieve exceptional depth of field and realistic perspective when shooting landscapes, portraits and architectural elements thanks to adjustable scrolling movements.

Tilt-Shift lenses are designed with new levels of optical excellence to match Canon's high-resolution sensors and ensure high image clarity and sharpness.

Macro focusing capability means images at 1:2 of life-size can be brought into focus with greater perspective control. With this feature you can achieve a realistic effect of proportion with the subject in focus. Thanks to the advanced design of the structure and its excellent optics of large diameter molded glass, distortion is reduced as much as possible.

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Off-center lens | Objectives Canon TS | Tilt-Shift Lenses

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