Osmo Pocket UV Filter
  • Osmo Pocket UV Filter
  • Osmo Pocket UV Filter
  • Osmo Pocket UV Filter

Osmo Pocket UV Filter

VAT included

Osmo Pocket UV Filter

The Osmo Pocket UV Filter will be your greatest ally in the strongest days thanks to its multilayer will allow you to control every light situation you can find. With a high quality construction and finish ready to meet the needs of the most demanding photographers and videographers,

Filtro UV Osmo Pocket


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Osmo Pocket UV Filter

A nanometer double-sided multi-layer vacuum coating process helps protect the lens to improve clarity and color effects.

Hardened coating and resistant to water and oil

The filters have gone through multiple grinding and polishing processes, as well as a scratch-resistant process.

German optical glass from Schott

To meet the rigorous requirements of professional photographers, PGYTECH has used Schott's best glass filters.

The filter also uses a magnetic system for application on the gimbal, which means it's very easy to change lenses if you've purchased a set.