Canon 200-400mm F4 L IS USM
  • Canon 200-400mm F4 L IS USM
  • Canon 200-400mm F4 L IS USM
  • Canon 200-400mm F4 L IS USM

Canon 200-400mm F4 L IS USM

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Canon 200-400mm II lens

Revolutionary Canon 200-400mm II f4 L IS USM lens, with internal focal length multiplier, which makes it become a 280-560mm at the touch of a button, incorporates optical image stabilization system and great features. Includes 1.4x duplic

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Lens Canon 200-400mm II

The Canon 200-400mm II f4 L IS USM Lens with Internal 1.4x Extender from Canon is a high-performance super-telephoto zoom lens with a built-in 1.4x extender system that converts the focal range and maximum aperture to 280-560mm f/5.6. The extender is located at the base of the lens and is applied with a simple toggle switch.

An image stabilization system offers up to four stops of shutter speed compensation against camera shake, which is ideal in low-light situations and when shooting at its long focal lengths. Three IS modes are available, each optimized for its specific subject. There's a mode ideal for static subjects, one for capturing the image with moving subjects and a single-exposure-only mode that applies stabilization only during exposure, giving you the speed you need to track fast, erratically moving subjects.

Fast, quiet Auto Focus (AF) is provided by a ring-type ultrasonic motor (USM), an internal focusing system, dedicated AF algorithms and a high-speed CPU. Full manual focus override, which allows adjustment and fine-tuning of focus even in AF mode, provides precise control over image capture. The Power Focus mode aids focus during video recording, allowing the photographer to smoothly adjust focus during filming by rotating the playback ring. Three Focus Limiting ranges are provided to enable faster AF in specific situations and AF stop buttons allow you to pause AF operation if necessary. Preset Focus mode allows you to set a focus distance and automatically returns to it with just a turn of the playback ring. Preset Focus is available in AF, MF and PF modes.

The EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM features one fluorite and four ultra-low dispersion optical elements that deliver sharper images with less chromatic aberrations. Super-spectral lens coatings minimize ghosting and flare and a fluorine coating on the front and rear lens elements keep oily smudges and fingerprints to a minimum.

A rotating tripod mount provides stable mounting to monopods or tripods and by loosening its orientation lock knob, the camera can be adjusted to shoot horizontally or vertically without removing it from the tripod. Inside the locking knob is a security slot for wire-type safety locks. Dust and water insulation keeps this reliable L-series lens from operating smoothly even in the harshest environments.

In addition to its standard accessories, included with this lens are a monopod mount, lens strap, hard case and case strap.

Image Stabilization
Four stops of vibration correction are provided by the lens' image stabilization system, which provides clearer images when shooting in low-light situations, when your footing is uncertain or when fast shutter speeds are impossible to achieve. This lens has three stabilization modes: Standard, Panorama Shooting and Single Exposure modes. Standard mode (Mode 1) compensates for vibrations in all directions and is effective for shooting static subjects. Shift mode (Mode 2) corrects vertical or horizontal shake depending on camera orientation and is best when panning with moving subjects. Exposure Only mode (Mode 3) applies shake correction only during image exposure and is best used when needed to track a fast-moving and erratically moving subject. The system can also be turned off, and this is best when image stabilization is not needed, such as shooting on a tripod in bright light.
Fast and accurate autofocus
With an internal focusing system, ultrasonic motor (USM), high-speed CPU and optimized AF algorithms, the 200-400mm f/4L provides fast, smooth and accurate autofocusing for use in a variety of applications.
1.4x Internal Extender Switch
A built-in 1.4x optical extender allows you to extend the focal range of your lens with just a simple lever, avoiding time-consuming and potentially damaging lens changes. Located at the base of the lens, the extender has a locking mechanism that easily disengages so you can engage the extender. With the extender in place, the focal lengths of your lens increase from 280-560mm but the aperture narrows to f/5.6 at 45. With the extender engaged, the lens now contains 33 optical elements in 24 groups, its maximum magnification is 0.21x and its diagonal angle of view is 8º-50' at 4º-25'.
Focusing Distance Range
You can set the focusing range to limit three distinct ranges of faster, more accurate autofocus. The three ranges are: Full (6.56' to infinity); 6.56-19.69'; 19.69' to infinity.
Power Focus Mode
Using the playback ring, Power Focus mode enables smooth, automatic focus shifts that are essential when using the EF 200-400mm f/4 for cinematography. Two speeds are available in Power Focus mode.
Focus presetting
It is possible to set a preset focus distance and return to it immediately at any time while in AF, PF or MF modes with a simple left or right turn of the playback ring.
AF Stop Button
Four AF stop buttons located on the front grip ring allow you to temporarily pause autofocus.
Fluorite and UD Lens elements
One fluorite and four UD (ultra-low dispersion) lens elements correct for chromatic aberrations and provide strong imaging throughout the zoom range.
Lens Coating
Optimized lens placement and coatings deliver exceptional color balance, while helping to minimize ghosting and flare.
9-Blade Circular Aperture
The 9-blade circular aperture design helps deliver beautiful, soft backgrounds.
Tripod Mount
A rotating tripod mount is built into the lens and by loosening the orientation locking knob on the tripod mount you can rotate the camera to obtain horizontal or vertical images without removing it from the tripod.
Drop-In Filter Holder
A 52 rear (WII) -Series drop-in filter holder is included with the lens and allows you to attach pre-cut gelatin filters sold separately to the rear end of the lens for specific applications.
Water and dust resistant
With its exceptional design and construction, the f/4 200-400mm L-series lens is dust and moisture resistant and ready to shoot in very harsh conditions.
Fluorine Coating
Fluorine coating on the front and rear lens surfaces reduces smudges and fingerprints.
Safety groove
A bonding groove is provided for a wire-type safety lock. The slot is located under the orientation lock knob cover. The wire-type security lock can be purchased separately.