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Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body
  • Canon Eos M50 II body

Canon Eos M50 II body

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M50 Canon Camera | Buy Canon M50 II

If you're a content creator, the EOS M50 II Canon Camera is perfect for you. the combination of 24.1 MP APS-C sensor and processor 8 allows you to work without problem at 12800 ISO and thanks to the Dual Pixel CMOS AF you will focus much faster. and although it is a compact design By buying Canon M50 II you will own a camera even capable of recording in 4k at 25 fps

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M50 II Canon Camera | Buy Canon M50 II

For vloggers and content creators, the black EOS M50 Mark II Canon is a versatile multimedia camera with a full set of photo and video features. With enhanced focusing, recording and sharing capabilities, the M50 Mark II still revolves around the 24.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor, which enable a fast shooting speed of 10fps, a native sensitivity range of ISO 100-25600 and 4K UHD video recording at 23.98fps, along with Full HD 1080p60 and HD 720p120 for slow motion capture. Sensor-based dual-pixel CMOS AF has been enhanced with faster speeds and refined eye detection AF performance, and supports Eye Detection and Face Detection focus modes when working with Film Servo AF to help maintain sharp focus on the subject. In addition, 5-axis Combination IS image stabilization also helps to make stable and shake-free recording by minimizing the appearance of camera shake.

Beyond images, the physical design of the M50 Mark II also suits content creation, especially with the inclusion of a large 3.0" LCD screen that has a vari-angle design to work from high and low working angles and its touchscreen interface allows working with Touch and Drag AF for easier manipulation of the AF area. A 2.36 m dotted OLED electronic viewfinder also enables high-resolution viewing at eye level. In addition, built-in Wi-Fi with NFC is available for quick and convenient pairing with a smartphone or tablet for wireless image sharing, and Bluetooth is also offered for image sharing and camera remote control from a mobile device. Wireless connectivity also allows the M50 Mark II to be used as a webcam when using the EOS Webcam Utility software. It also benefits content creation, there are now vertical video recording capabilities, a movie self-timer feature, touch recording control, and support for the image cloud service.canon to improve workflow efficiency.

  • 24.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor

Both the 24.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor are used to deliver high sensitivity and fast camera performance to suit both still images and video applications. A flexible ISO 100-25600 range, with an expandable ISO 51200 setting, adapts to work in a variety of lighting conditions, and processing capabilities minimize noise and enable the Auto Lighting Optimizer for remarkable clarity in various shooting situations. UHD 4K video recording is also supported at 23.98fps, along with Full HD 1080p60 and HD 720p120 settings for slow-motion recording. Vertical video recording is also supported, as well as clean HDMI output for high-resolution transmission and high frame rate. In addition, the processor offers a continuous shooting speed of 10 fps, a fast camera startup time and short interval times between each frame for a more intuitive and efficient shooting process.

  • Enhanced dual-pixel CMOS AF

Dual Pixel CMOS AF delivers smooth and fast focusing performance in a similar way to how a camcorder acquires focus. This system integrates two separate photodiodes within each pixel to provide a wide and dense network of phase detection collection elements on most of the image sensor to reduce focus seeking for faster and more direct control of focus location. When working with still images, this focusing system works to acquire focus quickly and accurately, making it ideal for shooting and tracking moving subjects, so that critical focus is achieved with each shot. Eye detection AF can also be used for portraits and helps prioritize focusing on a subject's eye to ensure sharpness.

When shooting video, Movie Servo AF mode offers smooth, natural focus when switching from different subjects or different distances within the scene, as well as the ability to specify tracking sensitivity, AF speed, and face tracking priority. Benefiting from the Touch AF system, rack focusing is possible by simply touching elements within the scene on the touchscreen to change focus in an intuitive way. Subject tracking in movies is also enhanced due to the ability of the dual-pixel CMOS AF system to recognize subjects and maintain focus when working in changing or messy scenarios. In addition, Eye Detection AF can also be used with Film Servo AF, and both eye and face detection can be used with Servo AF modes, to help keep subjects in focus as the center of attention.

  • IS Combination

The combined IS uses built-in 5-axis digital image stabilization along with lens-based image stabilization systems to effectively minimize the appearance of camera shake and achieve sharper manual capture. This benefits recording while walking or moving and can also be used in conjunction with lenses with optical IS for more effective overall stabilization.

  • Wireless design and connectivity
  1.  The large 3.0" touchscreen LCD provides an intuitive method to control focus points, navigate menus and review images. This screen also features a variable angle to allow you to work better from high and low angles.
  2.  The integrated 2.36m dotted OLED electronic viewfinder enables clear and bright eye level monitoring and also allows you to work with touch and drag AF to manually move the AF area while shooting with the EVF for more intuitive control.
  3.  Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC makes it easy to share photos and movies wirelessly on a paired mobile device.
  4.  Bluetooth allows you to pair a smartphone or tablet to quickly and automatically share images between devices, as well as remote control capabilities.
  5.  Wi-Fi also allows live streaming of your content directly from the camera and, when used with the EOS Webcam Utility software, the EOS M50 Mark II can function as a simple webcam alternative.
  6.  The built-in pop-up flash provides additional illumination for working in low-light conditions. A hot shoe is also available to work with an optional external flash for greater control.