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Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4
  • Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4

Canon EOS R7 + RF 14-35mm f4

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Camera Canon R7 + 14-35mm

The Canon R7 + 14-35mm camera has a 32.5 megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS sensor with 5-axis stabilization, perfect for 4K UHD video at 60 Fps as well as burst mode up to 30fps in RAW or 15 in mechanical. To accompany this versatile camera we include a lens equivalent to a 21-52.5 mm that has a USM motor that allows a smooth zoom that generates very little vibration. The R7 has a very compact, lightweight design that ensures pleasant use without causing fatigue, also has resistance to rain and dust.

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Camara Canon R7 + 14-35mm


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Camera Canon R7 + 14-35mm

EOS R7: Time to level up

An ideal combination of performance and portability, the EOS R7 represents the transition from Canon to APS-C with the mirrorless R System. With a 32.5MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC X processing, this sleek powerplant is capable of high-speed shooting at 30fps for sports and wildlife and features the renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF II focusing system to keep pace with fast-moving subjects. And, for the multimedia image maker, 4K video supports up to 60p, or 30p when oversampled from a 7K area, as well as Full HD up to 120fps.

32.5MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC X processing

  • APS-C comes to EOS R

Balancing resolution, speed and low-light performance, the 32.5 MP APS-C CMOS sensor is a versatile chip perfect for photo and video applications. As one of the EOS R System's first APS-C sensors, the R7's high-resolution design benefits both photographers and 4K video by providing a 7K area for oversampling of images, resulting in greater sharpness and quality.

  • DIGIC X processor

Taken from the R3, the R7 has a DIGIC X image processor to perform a variety of high-speed tasks, ranging from fast continuous shooting to high-resolution video recording. In terms of high-speed shooting, the R7 supports continuous shooting up to 30fps with a silent electronic shutter or 15fps with a mechanical shutter, with AF and AE readings before each frame. The processor also helps achieve a wide sensitivity range of ISO 100-32000, which can be expanded up to ISO 51200 to work in difficult lighting conditions.

  • 4K UHD video recording

Beyond still images, the R7's sensor also offers high-resolution UHD 4K 60p internal video using the full width of the sensor and the ability to work with 10-bit sampling with Canon Log 3. A 7K recording area can also be used for oversampled 4K shots. at 30p to improve sharpness, reduce moiré and reduce noise. And, for slow-motion playback, 120p recording supports up to Full HD resolution.

HDR-PQ recording is also possible for in-camera HDR production and external recording, via the micro-HDMI port, which supports clean 4K output at up to 60fps. In addition, unlimited recording times are also possible, and the R7 features ports for microphone and headphones, as well as a multifunction hot shoe for wide accessory compatibility.

Autofocus and image stabilization

  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF II

Transferred from the EOS R3, the advanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system features 651 automatic AF points covering the entire sensor area, for faster, more responsive and more accurate focusing performance. This phase detection focusing system also has enhanced subject detection and tracking, with the ability to intelligently recognize people, animals and vehicles, and tracking will automatically lock on these subjects and maintain sharp focus during burst captures. The low luminance limit of Dual Pixel AF II focuses up to an impressive -5 EV for precise focusing even in night conditions.

  • Sensor Change Image Stabilizer

An in-body image stabilizer (IBIS) corrects up to 7 stops of unwanted camera movement when shooting handheld, helping to shoot handheld in low-light conditions and reducing motion when shooting videos. This 5-axis system can also be used in conjunction with lenses with optical image stabilization to compensate for up to 8 stops of camera shake, depending on the specific lens used.

Body design

  • 2.36m dot EVF and vari-angle LCD touchscreen

A bright and clear 2.36 million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder is introduced for high-resolution viewing at eye level. This viewfinder with 1.15x magnification benefits from fast processing with virtually no lag and a fast 120fps refresh rate can be used for vivid and realistic motion rendering.

In addition to the EVF, a 3.0" vari-angle LCD display is also available that benefits work at high, low and front angles. The flexible position is complemented by a touchscreen interface and the clear resolution of 1.62 m-dots allows for vivid playback and live view monitoring.

  • Reliable and intuitive construction

Referencing the professional-grade EOS R3, the R7 is modeled after its rugged physical design and sports a dust- and moisture-sealed body construction that's suitable for working in harsh conditions.

The redesigned rear controls include a combined AF point selector and a rear control wheel, which puts two of the most commonly used controls in one intuitive place to reach.

Dual SD memory card slots offer flexibility for saving files and both are rated for UHS-II card speeds to support smooth 4K video recording and high-speed continuous shooting.

  • Flexible Connectivity

Wired and wireless connectivity options are available, allowing for multiple photo and video transfer methods, as well as remote camera control. Physically, the camera features a USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 port and a micro-HDMI port, along with headphone and 3.5mm microphone ports to benefit video recording. In terms of wireless connection, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and camera remote control.

  • State-of-the-art multifunction shoe

An upgrade from a conventional accessory shoe, the multifunction shoe adds a row of pins at the front of the design to allow for greater accessory functionality and provide power to select accessory types that traditionally rely on separate batteries. This updated shoe is compatible with select accessories, including the Speedlite ST-E10 transmitter, DM-E1D stereo microphone and AD-P1 smartphone link adapter, as well as the AD-E1 multifunction shoe adapter for compatibility with legacy shoes. Mounted accessories

Main features of Canon RF 14-35mm f4 IS L lens

Ultra-wide and stabilized, Canon 's RF 14-35mm f/4 L IS USM is an exceptionally versatile zoom characterized by its wide range, constant f/4 maximum aperture and advanced optical design. This zoom, which gains a bit at the wide end, offers a wider field of view to suit landscape, nature and architecture applications, and its modest maximum aperture also contributes to a sleek, highly portable design for walking shots.

In terms of optics, the lens corresponds to its L-series designation and features three aspherical elements and three UD elements that produce a highly corrected image with high sharpness and accurate color reproduction. A trio of unique coatings have also been applied to suppress flare and ghosting throughout the zoom range. The L-series designation is also indicative of a robust physical design, and this 14-35mm is weather-sealed and features a fluorine coating on exposed elements for added protection against harsh weather conditions.

Unique among ultra-wide-anglers, this lens is also distinguished by its optical image stabilizer that compensates for up to 5.5 stops of camera movement, or up to 7 stops when paired with IBIS cameras. In addition, there is also a suitable Nano USM that offers fast and quiet autofocus performance and there is a minimum focusing distance of only 7.9" throughout the zoom range for creative close-up shots with wide angle.

  • The wide-angle zoom lens is designed for use with full-frame RF-mount mirrorless cameras Canon .
  • The constant maximum aperture of f/4 maintains constant illumination throughout the zoom range.
  • An optical image stabilizer helps minimize the appearance of camera shake by 5.5 stops to allow you to work better in low-light conditions and with slower shutter speeds.
  • Up to 7 stops of correction when used on EOS R series cameras with in-body image stabilization.
  • The Nano USM system uses a ring-type USM mechanism and an STM mechanism for fast and accurate focusing that is also smooth and nearly silent to suit photography and video applications. This focusing system also allows full-time manual focus control when working in single-shot AF mode.
  • The configurable control ring can be used to adjust a variety of exposure settings, including aperture, ISO, and exposure compensation.
  • As a member of the esteemed L series, this lens has a weatherproof design that protects against dust and moisture to allow it to be used in harsh conditions.