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Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8
  • Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8
  • Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8
  • Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8
  • Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8
  • Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8
  • Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8
  • Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8

Canon Eos RP + RF 24mm f1.8

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Canon Eos RP + 24mm

The Canon Eos RP+ 24mm IS USM is perfect for street photography and portraits. This lightweight and resistant body has a Full Frame CMOS sensor with more than 26 megapixels. Another remarkable feature of the EOS RP is its DIGC 8 processor that allows high-speed photography as well as 4K video recording. The lens included with the kit has an impressive brightness and a minimum focusing distance of 14 cm.

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Canon Eos RP + 24mm


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Canon Eos RP + 24mm

EOS RP Features

All about the Canon EOS R

Canon EOS RP is impressively small despite having a large full-frame sensor, offering flexible imaging capabilities along with a portable form factor. With a high-resolution 26.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor coupled with a DIGIC 8 image processor, both still images and UHD 4K video can be recorded using a wide sensitivity range, from ISO 100-40000, to suit work in a variety of lighting conditions. Continuous shooting is also supported up to 5fps for photographing moving subjects. The sensor also facilitates an advanced dual-pixel CMOS AF system, with 4779 selectable phase detection points on the sensor to acquire focus quickly and accurately during stills and video operation.

Complementing the sensor and processor, the RP also has a 2.36m dot OLED electronic viewfinder along with a 3.04.0m 3.0" dot vari-angle touchscreen LCD monitor for easier viewing from high and low angles. In addition, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow wireless remote control of the camera along with direct sharing of images on linked mobile devices.

  • Canon RF mount

The EOS RP features the RF Lens Mount, which supports Canon's RF mount lens line. This mount is characterized by its large diameter of 54mm and short flange distance of 20mm, which promotes the ability to design lenses that are faster and smaller than their SLR equivalents. The mount also incorporates a 12-pin electronic contact system for more sophisticated autofocus and image stabilization capabilities. This mount design also provides full compatibility with existing EF and EF-S mount lenses through an optional EF-EOS R mount adapter.

26.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor

It features a large 26.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor and serves as an ideal balance between high-resolution output, low-light performance, and high-speed capabilities. When paired with the DIGIC 8 image processor, the EOS RP has a wide native sensitivity range of ISO 100-40000 to work in a variety of lighting conditions. In addition, continuous shooting of up to 5 fps is possible to work with moving subjects.

  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF

Dual Pixel CMOS AF delivers smooth and fast focusing performance similar to how a camcorder acquires focus. This system integrates two separate photodiodes within each pixel to provide a wide and dense network of phase detection collection elements on most image sensor to reduce focus seeking for faster and more direct control of focus placement. When working with still images, this focusing system works to acquire focus quickly and accurately, making it ideal for photographing and tracking moving subjects so that critical focus is achieved with each shot. When shooting video, Film Servo AF mode offers smooth, natural focusing when switching from different subjects or different distances within the scene, as well as the ability to specify tracking sensitivity, AF speed, and face or eye tracking priority. Benefiting from the Touch AF system, rack focusing is possible by simply touching elements within the scene on the touchscreen to change focus in an intuitive way. Subject tracking in movies is also increased due to the ability of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system to recognize subjects and maintain focus when working in changing or crowded environments. In addition, the focusing system is EV-5 sensitive to work in low-light conditions with precise AF capabilities.

  • 4K UHD video recording

Designed for the multimedia image creator, the EOS RP supports UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution recordings up to 23.98fps at 120Mb/s, along with Full HD 1080p and HD 720p at 60fps for slow-motion playback. When recording in-camera, 4K video has 4:2:0 sampling and 8-bit color depth, and 8-bit 4:2:2 output is possible when using an external recorder.

Audio can be recorded using the built-in stereo microphone or an optional external microphone can also be used via the 3.5mm microphone jack.

In addition, the 5-axis Dual Sensing IS function can be used when recording a video to electronically reduce the appearance of camera shake for sharper and smoother recording.

  • Body design

The integrated 2.36m dot OLED electronic viewfinder provides a bright and clear medium for eye-level viewing.
The 1.04m 3.0" rear LCD screen has a vari-angle design for easier use when working from high, low and front-facing angles. It's also a touchscreen for intuitive control of menu shooting, playback, and navigation controls.
Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows images to be shared, controlled and transferred wirelessly with a compatible smart device via the Canon Camera Connect app, which also supports geotagging your files using your mobile device's location data.

Features of the RF 24mm f1.8 IS USM lens

  • Large f/1.8 aperture, with 9-blade diaphragm
  • 5-stop optical image stabilizer (according to CIPA standard)
  • Combined 6.5-stop Image Stabilizer, with some EOS R series specific camera bodies (according to CIPA standard)
  • Compact and lightweight, weighing just 270 grams
  • STM gear motor
  • Minimum focusing distance of 14cm, with 0.5x magnification
The RF 24mm f1.8  Canon lens is a compact and versatile 24mm wide-angle lens, made possible by the intelligent design of the Canon RF mount. The  Canon RF 24mm f1.8 lens is a fast, bright and image-stabilised lens that achieves excellent results in low-light situations thanks to its large f/1.8  maximum aperture as well as the circular design of the 9-blade diaphragm. This also allows you to create beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds, so that the subject stands out sharply in the image. When used with an APS-C sensor camera, this lens will offer an effective focal length similar to a 35mm.
Weighing just 270 grams and featuring a gear-type STM motor, which enables fast and quiet focusing with small dimensions, the RF 24mm f/1.8 MACRO IS STM is perfect for travel and landscape photographers who want to shoot on the move. With a minimum focusing distance of just 14cm (0.5x magnification), this lens offers great creative potential, enabling photographers and vloggers to focus extremely close to their subject, while also capturing the wider environment around them.
The RF 24mm f1.8   Canon lens offers outstanding optical performance and improved handling. Equipped with a customizable Lens Control Ring, photographers can easily fine-tune ISO sensitivity, aperture and change autofocus (AF) mode. Thanks to its specific focus ring, this model allows greater control when focusing manually. When the RF 24mm f/1.8 MACRO IS STM is used with compatible cameras, lens information appears on the screen to provide even more focusing assistance. The 11 elements in 9 groups of the RF 24mm f/1.8 MACRO IS STM have super spectra coating, to avoid flare and ghosting, allowing for high-quality images in all cases. Capturing sharp, steady photos and movies, the RF 24mm f/1.8 MACRO IS STM features a 5-stop Optical Image Stabilizer, which increases image stabilization (IS) to 6.5 stops when used with an EOS R series body with a built-in Image Stabilizer.