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  • FPV Combo DJI
  • FPV Combo DJI
  • FPV Combo DJI
  • FPV Combo DJI
  • FPV Combo DJI
  • FPV Combo DJI
  • FPV Combo DJI
  • FPV Combo DJI


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| FPV DJI drone DJI FPV Combo

Experience a new level of immersive flight with the DJI FPV Combo. The kit is composed of glasses with a field of view of 150º Transmission of low latency HD video up to 10 kilometers away. The DJI FPV drone capable of recording records up to 4K/60 fps with advanced safety features such as the emergency brake, hover, RPO, etc. and of course the Remote Control 2 DJI FPV designed so that you can handle it feeling that you are inside.

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| FPV DJI drone DJI FPV Combo

DJI FPV Combo includes:

  • x1 DJI FPV drone
  • x1 FJI FPV Intelligent Flight Battery
  • x4 DJI FPV Propellers (Pair)
  • x1 DJI FPV Stabilizer Protector
  • x1 superior DJI FPV housing
  • x1 Remote Control 2 DJI FPV
  • x1 Replacement control levers (torque)
  • x1 DJI Goggles FPV V2
  • x4 DJI Goggles FPV Antenna (Dual Band)
  • x1 DJI Goggles FPV Battery
  • x1 Power Cable (USB-C) DJI Goggles FPV
  • x1 DJI Goggles FPV clamping band
  • x1 Foam padding DJI Goggles FPV
  • x1 AC power adapter DJI FPV

A new way to fly

It traverses the clouds with speed and power, but without losing control. Throw yourself into infinity and discover a new way to fly. Cross the sky as you had never imagined. Our passion for flying is still alive and now, with the DJI FPV drone,that same passion has led us to turn our dream into reality. Get ready to soar into the clouds and beyond with this intuitive and immersive aerial platform.

  • Immersive flying experience
  • Wide field of view 4K /60fps
  • Low-latency HD transmission
  • New S mode
  • Intuitive motion controller
  • Emergency brake and hover

The fpv DJI drone shows its most attractive side

With a sleek and aerodynamic design, the DJI FPV aircraft offers powerful propulsion, a long battery

duration and great wind resistance. In short, technology capable at the same time as visually attractive.

The FPV DJI stands out in more than one aspect. With sporty front LEDs and customizable lights on the aircraft's arms, the FPV DJI allows pilots to make their aircraft unique.

Total immersion. Unparalleled control.

Feel the thrill of immersive flight with the DJI FPV Combo that includes the DJI Goggles FPV V2 and the wide 150º field of view of DJI FPV. HD video streaming at 120fps allows you to enjoy a real-time view of your flight and extremely smooth quality.

No matter if you are a seasoned FPV pilot or a beginner, the DJI FPV drone offers three intuitive flight modes to fly safely from day one.

Mode S

Easily get the dynamic touch of FPV videos in S mode.

This hybrid flight mode combines the freedom to fly manually with the intuitive controls of the drones DJI.

Mode N

Ideal for new users, N mode offers immersive flight with traditional flight controls.

In addition, it includes the safety features of DJI, such as obstacle detection.

Mode M

Fly in M mode for absolute, limitless control, and enjoy a full FPV flying experience.

Customize the parameters and enjoy an unparalleled flight and images.

DJI motion controller

*Motion control DJI sold separately

Elevate your DJI FPV Combo flight experience to a new level with the new DJI Motion Controller. This compact device allows the aircraft to maneuver based on the natural movements of the hand. This is not just a new FPV, but a completely new way of flying.

Emergency brake and hover

Even for experts, manual FPV flight can be intimidating. That's why the FPV DJI features an emergency brake button and hover on the remote control. Press it while flying in any mode and at any speed, and the aircraft will stop and hover in just a few seconds.

Advanced security features

The FPV DJI features a lower auxiliary light, Intelligent Point of Origin (RPO) return, low battery RPO, and front and lower obstacle detection. All this to ensure a safe flight even at high speed.

Images worthy of DJI

Enjoy images at the level of the intensity of your flights. Powerful propulsion capabilities and a wide 150º field of view provide an unparalleled view. Do you want more fluid or dramatic results? Slow motion 4x, RockSteady stabilization and distortion correction are at your service.

Spectacular videos

The DJI FPV aircraft can record 4K/60 fps video at up to 120 Mbps. Sharp details to make your videos do justice to the spectacularity of your flights.

RockSteady Stabilization

No matter how dynamic your maneuvers are, EIS RockSteady technology ensures extremely smooth video.

*DJI FPV supports H.264 and H.265 video encoding formats, for advanced video editing.

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Video transmission latency: 28 ms. The video transmission latency of the DJI FPV is less than 28 ms*.

*In 810p/120 fps Fluid mode, video transmission latency is less than 28 ms; and in HD mode 810p/60 fps is less than 40ms

Video transmission distance: 10 km. The FPV DJI supports an HD video transmission range of up to 10 km*.

*Complies with FCC rules. Measurements were taken in unobstructed and interference-free environments. Always respect local regulations and fly your drone within line of sight, unless otherwise allowed.

Video transmission bitrate: 50 Mbps. The video transmission bitrate of the fpV DJI is up to 50 Mbps.

The DJI O3 (OcuSync 3.0) transmission system has been upgraded to meet the unique needs of the FPV DJI . Enjoy crisp, real-time video streaming with a range of up to 10 km.*

*The highest video streaming bitrate is 50Mbps. Measurement

Automatic switching between frequencies for a perfect signal

The FPV DJI is capable of automatically switching between the frequencies of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz. In addition, it offers a video transmission bitrate of up to 50 Mbps, which significantly reduces distortions and intermittent videos. The aircraft's high-gain antennas include three transmitters and four receivers to enhance the signal and achieve stable, reliable images.*

*If the signal is disconnected, the FPV DJI will automatically activate the safety RPO.

An optimized experience

The FPV DJI provides users with an additional layer of security thanks to the ADS-B system (automatic dependent surveillance system). This system receives information about the location of any manned aircraft flying in your area and sends warnings to the V2 Goggles, so you have enough time to dodge any other manned aircraft.

Easily replaceable parts

To facilitate any repair, the stabilizer chamber, landing gear and superior housing of the aircraft DJI FPV are modular and can be comfortably replaced. DJI Care Refresh is also available to enjoy a wide coverage and that you can fly with total peace of mind.

Virtual Flight DJI App

The DJI Virtual Flight app allows users to practice flying realistically in different simulated scenarios before taking off into the real world. Connect the DJI Goggles V2 FPV and remote control, and you're ready to become a pilot expert in a risk-free virtual environment.

Fly accompanied with audience mode

The FPV DJI supports Audience mode. Set up another Goggles V2 FPV DJI unit to the aircraft channel and share your high flights.