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DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack
  • DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack
  • DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack
  • DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack
  • DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack
  • DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack
  • DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack
  • DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack
  • DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack

DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack

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DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack

The Pocket 2DJI includes everything you need to enjoy this camera/gimbal to the fullest. is an improved version of the already successful Osmo Pocket. with it you can capture smooth and smooth videos with its functions for tracking AI panoramas 3. or zoom with the controls integrated into the handle. You can not forget that when buying DJI Pocket 2 you have a 1/1.7-inch sensor that allows you to capture photos of 64 MP 4K/60 fps video with 4 microphones for sound all with an improved Hybrid AF 2.0 a device that fits in the palm of the hand.

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DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack

The DJI Pocket 2 Creator Pack camera includes:

  • DJI Pocket 2 
  • Mini control lever DJI Pocket 2
  • Pocket 2 DJI Case
  • Tripod Mount (1/4") DJI Pocket 2
  • Wrist strap DJI
  • Smartphone adapter (Lightning)
  • Smartphone adapter (USB-C)
  • Dual charging USB cable (Type A to Type C) DJI
  • Wireless Microphone Transmitter DJI
  • Wireless microphone with DJI wind
  • Multipurpose grip DJI Pocket 2
  • Wide-angle lens DJI Pocket 2
  • Minitripod DJI Pocket

Offering numerous upgrades over its predecessor, the DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal adds a 64MP 1/1.7" CMOS sensor, up to 8x zoom, a 93° viewing angle, and four directional stereo microphones with stereo audio zoom DJI Matrix, using its light weight, ultra-compact 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, and 4K camera combination. New software enhancements have also been added, including an updated ActiveTrack 3.0, built-in glamour effects, an AI editor, Hybrid AF 2.0 and motion-lapse, without the need for the smartphone app. It has everything you need for a high-resolution mobile production to create family videos, add images to your photo shoots, or vlog your latest streaming creations with smooth motion video.

Weighing just over four ounces, this all-in-one unit features a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for smooth movement and easy swivel and tilt control. The Pocket 2 incorporates a 1/1.7" sensor and a 20mm wide lens with a 93° angle of view for recording 4K60 cinematic videos at 100Mb/s and 64MP photographs on a microSD card up to 256GB capacity. Four microphones allow you to capture enhanced stereo audio, and they feature noise reduction and a zoom function that follows your camera's zoom to capture enhanced audio in a tighter shot. The camera can use 8x zoom for still images, 4x zoom for 1080p video and audio, 3x zoom for 2K video, and 2x zoom for 4K video.

Use DJI 's Mimo app and your iOS or Android smartphone to polish your footage with preset shooting patterns, camera movements, filters, and soundtracks. The app isn't even necessary to add glamour effects and perform basic editing, and you can even set it to motion-lapse with a single tap. You can also live stream your video to the web using the app. Unlike a similarly sized smartphone, the chocolate bar-sized Pocket 2 offers smart features like Story Mode, Active Track 3.0, hyper-lapse, panorama, and motion-lapse to create compelling creative effects. Choose from 180° and 3x3 panoramic shots to capture expansive views of the landscape.

The Pocket 2 has a passive cooling system that quietly dissipates heat, and a rechargeable battery allows the camera to record up to 140 minutes. Included in the box are a cover, mini joystick, 1/4"-20 tripod mount, wrist strap, power cord, and adapters for USB Type-C and Lightning smartphones. Additional accessories such as a wide-angle lens The "Do-it-All" handle, USB splitter, tripod, wireless microphone transmitter, charging case, phone clip and waterproof case are available separately to complete your Pocket 2 experience.

  • Pocket size

Pocket-sized and extremely portable, DJI Pocket 2 is a tiny camera that lets you record memorable moments with one hand. Equipped to stabilize motion and take sharp photos and smooth videos, Pocket 2 gives you the freedom to create magic by hand.

  • Fast capture

One-handed capture lets you start shooting in a second to capture photos and videos at the speed of life.

  • High Definition Panorama

Get the entire mountain range with a 180° panorama or everyone in a group selfie with a 3×3 panorama. You won't believe how such a small camera can make such a big shot.

  • ActiveTrack 3.0

No matter how you move, Pocket 2 keeps you and your friends on the plane with ActiveTrack 3.0.

  • Story Mode

Story mode uses video and music templates to create exciting mini movies with just a few taps.

  • Time lapse

Time-lapse allows you to convert hours into seconds. Motion-lapse adds smooth camera movement. Hyper-lapse allows you to travel back in time.

  • AI Editor

Don't like editing? AI Editor automatically combines your clips with transitions and music to create share-worthy content.

  • Motorized stabilization

Built-in glamour effects, AI editor, and story mode software

  • Hollywood-quality softness

Its 3-axis motorized gimbal. This is what allows our small camera to create results on the big screen.

  • Image quality

The Pocket 2 features a 1/1.7" sensor, 64MP photos, up to 4K60 video recording, and 2.0 Hybrid AF

  • HDR Video

A good life is full of color, so show it all. With HDR video, DJI Pocket 2 separates exposure levels by area and layers the image so images appear in realistic detail.

  • 8x zoom

Looking for crazy details? When taking 64MP photos, the stabilized camera takes sharp photos with 8x zoom, up to 4x zoom in 1080p videos, and up to 2x zoom in 4K videos.

  • Immersive audio
  • The DJI Matrix Stereo technology records audio with so much real detail that it allows you to relive the scene.
  • Pocket 2 adjusts the direction of audio enhancement where the camera is pointing, so your subject is clearly heard. As the video gets closer, so does the audio, creating a more dynamic soundtrack.
  • The Pocket 2 allows you to record sound in three distinct sound patterns to suit the scene.