Canon MR-14EX II Ring Lite
  • Canon MR-14EX II Ring Lite
  • Canon MR-14EX II Ring Lite

Canon MR-14EX II Ring Lite

VAT included

The annular flash Canon MR-14EX II Ring Lite, is the best solution if what you like is the close-up photography its total communication with Canon Eos body, will make you the option to illuminate your macro photographs in an effective and very easy way


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Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II

An exclusive Macro Ring Lite for macro photography with creative flash

Enhance your macro photography with this exclusive Macro Ring Lite. E-TTL flash control and a Guide Number of 14 provide ample illumination and accurate exposures in all macro photography situations.


  • Automatic E-TTL II flash metering
  • Guide number of 14
  • Can act as a wireless master flash
  • Two flash tubes that can be fired together or independently with full ratio control
  • Two focus lights
  • Flash modeling capability
  • Mounts on the front of macro lenses
  • Adjust the MR-14EX to suit your personal preferences using seven available custom functions.

Detailed features

Automatic flash metering

Compatible with all EOS digital SLR cameras, the Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX offers fully automatic E-TTL II flash metering for accurate and consistent flash exposures in all situations. The Guide Number of 14 provides sufficient flash power even when working at high magnifications.

Relationship control

Achieve creative lighting results by controlling the two flash tubes joined together or independently. Use the six-point ratio control to create uniform lighting without shadows or sharp side lighting effects.

Rotate the ring on the front of the lens to illuminate from the sides or from above and below.

Wireless Master Flash

You can control the backlighting using the MR-14EX as a wireless master unit to trigger remote EX-Series Speedlites. In this way you have a third group of lights that you can use to effectively illuminate other areas of the scene.

Focus lights

Working at high magnification can make focusing difficult. Having two focus lights provides illumination to the subject to aid manual focusing.

There are two different modeling flash settings that allow you to trigger a strobe pre-flash with the depth-of-field preview button. The default setting shoots the two tubes with the proper activation setting to make an accurate calculation of where the shadows will appear.

Power supply

Powered by 4 AA batteries or an external battery such as the CP-E4, the MR-14EX is compact and portable. AA batteries provide fast recycling so you can continue shooting without having to wait between captures.

Custom functions