Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm
  • Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm

Fuji XE4+ 15-45mm

Fuji XE4 + 15-45mm

The XE4 + 15-45mm f3.5-5.6FUJI is the 26Mp APS-C mirrorless with a perfect balance between aesthetics and quality. The processor improved with an LCD screen capable of rotating and tilting and a powerful autofocus of fast and accurate detection making it ideal for selfies. Together with this the lens FUJI 15-45mm f3.5-5.6 OIS PZ with its compact size and great quality will allow you not only to photograph but also to record 4K with exceptional quality.

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Fuji XE4 + 15-45mm

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Fuji XE4 + 15-45mm

2. Main product features

(1) A beautiful and sophisticated design housed in the lightest and smallest camera body of the X Series

・ With 364 g (.80 lb) and measuring 121.3 mm x 72.9 mm x 32.7 mm (4.77 in. X 2.87" X 1.28 in.), The X-E4 is the most compact interchangeable lens camera in the fourth-generation X series. To keep its design slim and sleek, a rear-tilting LCD screen has also been carefully designed to ensure the body remains as thin and portable as possible.

・ The compact camera design is influenced by the design of classic film cameras. Both the front and rear grip are flat to give it a classic aesthetic, while the superior plate of the camera body is carefully molded with extreme precision from polished magnesium for a beautifully classic look.

(2) Various functions and easy handling

・ The rear tilting monitor can be flipped up and forward up to 180 degrees, which can accommodate a wide variety of compositions, from high to low angles, as well as vlog-style selfies and videos.

・ The superior panel includes a shutter speed dial (SS dial) that can be manually configured or switched to program mode (P) if fully automatic functionality is required.

・ Controls have also been concentrated on the front dials to provide extra thumb room for added hand comfort

(3) Professional performance

・ Using the state-of-the-art 26.1MP "X-Trans ™ CMOS 4" sensor and high-speed "X-Processor 4" image processing engine to provide incredibly fast autofocus, the E-X4 uses phase detection autofocus points on nearly 100% of the sensor to acquire focus in as little as 0.02 seconds. It's also capable of tracking moving subjects with an advanced AF tracking algorithm so you're ready to take pictures at just the right time.

・ X-E4 also includes the latest face and eye detection technology to track subjects accurately, even at luminance levels as low as -7.0EV*. Gain focus on a subject, even in the near darkness, expanding the possibility of when images can be taken.

* When mounting FUJINON XF50mmF1.0R WR lens

(4) Extensive video recording features

・ X-E4 oversamples 6k images to record 4K/30P 4:2:0 8-bit video on internal media, or 4K/30P 4:2:2 10-bit video via its HDMI port.

・ The camera can also deliver high-speed full-HD video at 240fps, which can be used to play fast-moving subjects up to 10 times slower compared to footage recorded at 24fps.

(5) Variety of film simulations

A total of 18 film simulations are available, including Velvia, which is characterized by highly saturated colors and sharp gradation, and ETERNA Bleach Bypass, which reproduces a traditional dark room processing technique to create unique images with low saturation and high contrast.

Features objective FUJI 15-45mm PZ

The Fuji 15-45mm PZ Lens achieves high-resolution images while maintaining a

compact size of 44.2 mm*1 and a weight of only 135 g. The optical design incorporates 10 lenses in 9 groups,

including three aspherical lenses and two ED lenses. Covers a focal length from a wide angle of 23 mm to

an average telephoto lens of 69 mm (equivalent to 35 mm), making it an ideal lens for both landscape and portrait photography.

From its best available wide-angle setting you can photograph subjects

up to 5 cm from the end of the lens, achieving a maximum reproduction rate of 0.24, ideal for gastronomic photography and small accessories. With the XC15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ, users will be able to take pictures in a large number of situations.

The image stabilization function allows you to photograph handheld camera in low-light environments. Herself

uses a highly accurate motor to control changes in focus position, allowing for a

fast and quiet autofocus. The lens is available in two colors (silver and black), so that

photographers can choose the color that best fits their cameras.

Main specifications FUJI 15-45mm PZ

Type FUJINON LENS XC15-45 mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ

  • Construction of the objective 10 elements 9 groups
  • (includes 3 aspherical elements and two ED elements)
  • Focal length (equivalent to 35 mm format)
  • f=15-45mm (23-69mm)
  • Viewing angle 86.9°-35.0°
  • Opening max. F3.5-5.6
  • Min opening. F22
  • Aperture control
  • Number of sheets 7 (rounded diaphragm opening)
  • 1/3 EV (17 steps)
  • Focus range 13 cm~∞ (wide angle) 35 cm~∞ (telephoto)
  • Max. magnification 0.24x (wide angle)
  • External dimensions: Diameter x length
  • (approx.) Φ62.6 mm x 44.2 mm (folded position) Φ62.6 mm x 65.2mm (wide-angle) Φ62.6 mm x 62.1mm (telephoto)
  • Weight (approx.) 135g
  • Filter size Φ52 mm
  • Accessories included Lens cap FLCP-52II
  • Lens back cover

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