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copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji
  • copy of XT4 Body Fuji

copy of XT4 Body Fuji

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XT4 | Fuji Camera Buy XT4 FUJI

The XT4 FUJI Camera is a real beast for action and sports photographers. since the mirrorless gives spectacular results even at the highest speeds. Thanks to its incredible stability of up to 6.5 steps. Don't be fooled by its price. When you buy FUJI XT4 you have its excellent X-Processor 4 image processor with Quad CPU for higher performance and a 26.1Mpx X-Trans BSI CMOS APSC sensor. which ensures a 4K capture with exceptional quality.

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XT4 | Fuji Camera Buy XT4 FUJI

More Info. XT4FUJI

To meet the needs of multimedia image creators, the silver FUJIFILM X-T4 is a versatile mirrorless camera that combines advanced imaging and video capabilities along with an improved workflow and assistive functionality. Using a proven and recognized APS-C format with 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 format, the X-T4 is capable of recording in high resolution along with support for DCI/UHD 4K video at 60fps, Full HD recording up to 240fps, ISO 160-12800 sensitivity and continuous shooting up to 15fps with the mechanical shutter. The sensor's BSI design offers reduced noise and greater overall clarity and combines with the X-Processor 4 for fast performance and improved responsiveness. The sensor design also enables a hybrid autofocus system that combines 425 phase detection points with a contrast detection system for fast and accurate AF performance. In addition, as a complement to all aspects of image production, the X-T4 also incorporates a 6.5-stop sensor-changing image stabilization system to reduce the appearance of camera movement with almost any lens mounted.

Beyond the sensor and processor capabilities, FUJIFILM cameras are also appreciated for their physical design, and the X-T4 has an updated design to improve handling and shooting efficiency. A large, bright 3.69m dot electronic viewfinder can be set to a 100fps refresh rate for noticeable smoothness when scrolling or tracking subjects. By contrast, the 3.0" 1.62m dotted rear LCD touchscreen now features a vari-angle design to suit work from high, low and front angles; or it can be closed against the body if it only works with the EVF. Dual SD UHS-II memory card slots offer flexibility for saving files and the X-T4 supports the updated high-capacity NP-W235 battery that provides approximately 600 shots per charge. In addition, the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow wireless remote control of the camera and sharing images on a mobile device.

  • 26.1MP APS-C X-Trans BSI CMOS 4 Sensor and Processor X 4

Revolving around a highly versatile sensor, the X-T4 features a 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor with APS-C format, which has a backlit design to allow for smooth tonal rendering, enhanced low-light performance, and a wide native sensitivity range of ISO 160-12800. As an X-Trans sensor, it also uses a random pixel array, which provides a high degree of image quality and sharpness due to the omission of a low-pass optical filter. Compared to conventional pixel patterns, the X-Trans design more closely mimics the organic nature of film to produce nuanced colors and tonal transitions, while reducing the moiré effect and alias.

The sensor design also includes an expanded phase detection autofocus system, which has 425 selectable points covering almost the entire sensor area. This AF system offers faster and more accurate focusing performance in a variety of lighting conditions up to -6 EV. Complementing the imaging and focus capabilities, an updated X-Processor 4 is also introduced, which has a quad-core CPU and offers faster and more responsive performance throughout the camera system, including a shooting speed of 15 fps at full resolution with the mechanical shutter, 20 fps speed with an electronic shutter, or a speed of 30 fps with an electronic shutter and a crop of 1.25x.

  • In-body image stabilization

Built-in 5-axis image stabilization with sensor switching helps minimize the occurrence of camera shake in up to 6.5 stops. This system works in conjunction with most X-series lenses, including non-stabilized ones, and benefits from working with slower shutter speeds and shooting in difficult lighting conditions. In addition, 4-axis digital image stabilization can also be used during video recording to further help stabilize footage, especially when shooting by hand.

  • UHD and DCI 4K video recording

Expanding its capabilities beyond still images, the X-T4 offers a versatile array of video capabilities, including internal DCI/UHD 4K recording at up to 60fps and Full HD recording up to 240fps for ultra-slow-motion playback. The X-Processor 4's speed, which greatly benefits overall video performance, enables fast read speeds when recording video and helps reduce shutter distortion when shooting moving subjects. In addition, a micro-HDMI port allows 4:2:2 10-bit recording to an optional external recorder.

In addition to the supported 10-bit color depth, the X-T4 also includes the F-Log gamma setting, which provides a flat image for use in advanced color classification software during editing. This maximizes the potential dynamic range in difficult scenes and image adjustments can also be made to highlight hue, shade tone, color, and sharpness.

In addition, the camera features a 3.5mm microphone jack and a 2.5mm remote port with headphone adapter included for more advanced audio solutions.

  • Features of the body
  1. The bright 3.69m dot high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder is 0.75x magnificated and the EVF's refresh rate can be pushed to 100fps to reduce lag and get smoother scrolling and tracking movements.
  2. The 3.0" 1.62m dot vari-angle LCD has a touchscreen design for intuitive operation and playback, and the articulated design greatly benefits working from high and low shooting angles. This vari-angle design also means you can close the screen against the camera body, hiding it from view to shoot without distractions.
  3. The superior board incorporates a number of locking dials and levers for quick and intuitive control of exposure settings, including dedicated shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation dials that offer direct adjustment settings, even when the camera is off. This exposure compensation dial also has a C position to allow an expanded range of +/- 5 EV when working with the command dials.
  4. The front and rear command dials integrate a push function for easy use and selection of settings.
  5. The rear joystick is available to intuitively select and change AF points, as well as navigate the menu and play back images.
  6. The redesigned mechanical shutter has improved durability and is rated for 300,000 drives.
  7. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to share images wirelessly on a mobile device or use the device to control the camera remotely.
  8. The two SD memory card slots support the UHS-II standard for fast and flexible file storage.
  9. The included NP-W235 battery provides approximately 600 frames per charge when working with the EVF.
  • Film simulation modes

Leveraging FUJIFILM's vast history in traditional film-based photography, the X-T4 integrates several film simulation modes, mimicking the appearance of some of FUJIFILM's classic film types:

  1. Provia: Standard Contrast and Normal Saturation Color Transparency Film
  2. Velvia: high contrast film, high color saturation and vivid color transparency
  3. Astia: dimmed contrast and color saturation with an ideal look for portraits
  4. Classic Chrome: Offers muted tones and deep color reproduction, similar to an old-fashioned slide movie
  5. Classic Neg: Muted contrast but vibrant colors with a vintage cinematic feel
  6. PRO Neg: Available with Hi and Std. contrast options, this mimics the striking yet natural feel of your professional-grade color negative film
  7. Eternal: For a cinematic look, this provides a flat color, a low-saturation look suitable for post-production color grading
  8. Eterna Bleach Bypass: Refines the standard look of Eterna with a higher key, a greater sense of contrast while maintaining the overall desaturated look
  9. Acros: Based on the popular black and white film, this monochrome mode has a distinct hue and graininess and can be used in conjunction with yellow, red, and green contrast filter effects.
  10. B and N: simple and classic black and white effect with yellow, red and green contrast filter options
  11. Sepia: everyone's favorite old look that mimics the popular alternative process

In addition to simulating specific film types, a grain effect mode is also available to replicate the look of old movie photos with an organic texture appearance, which is especially noticeable when printing. Color Chrome and Color Chrome Blue effects are also available to deepen color, tonal response, and gradation with higher saturation colors.