Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P
  • Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P
  • Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P
  • Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P
  • Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P

Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P

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Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P

The kit of HASSELBLAD 907X + 45mm f4 P will give you a great image quality thanks to its super sensor of more than 50 Million pixels, on a sensor of 33x44mm, apart from having a design of the most retro and beautiful, to which we must add a 100% compatibility with XCD lenses, this kit includes a 45mm f4 P

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Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P


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Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P

Exclusively modular, the HASSELBLAD 907X+45mm f4 Pis a medium format camera system that combines design elements of its classic film cameras with contemporary imaging capabilities from its digital age. The 907X 50C platform comprises the CFV II 50C digital backrest and the 907X camera body, which work together as a distinct and versatile camera system.

The 907X has the distinction of being the smallest medium format camera ever created by HASSELBLAD, with a thickness of just over an inch, and the lightest, at 7 oz. However, recalling the shape of the famous V-system cameras of the 500 series, this simple camera body mainly serves as an interface between the V interface of the CFV II 50C digital backrest and the X-mount for working with XCD lenses or lenses adapted from other mounts.

Hasselblad 907X + 45mm f4 P CFV II is an updated and refined digital backrest that features a classic V system interface for use on the included 907X, as well as virtually any camera HASSELBLAD V from 1957 onwards. Designed with classic A12 and A16 film backs in mind, this digital backrest has been equipped with versatile digital capabilities, revolving around a 43.8 x 32.9mm, 50 MP CMOS sensor, which produces high-resolution images with a wide 14-stop dynamic range, 16 bit color depth, and an ISO 100-25600 sensitivity range. This sensor also uses HASSELBLAD's natural color solution, which offers pleasant and realistic color tones to achieve great consistency and smooth tonal transitions. On the HASSELBLAD 907X+45mm f4 P the rear design also incorporates a 3.0" 920k dot rear tilting touchscreen LCD, to recall the experience of working with a waist-level finder, and now houses the rechargeable lithium-ion battery internally for a sleeker overall profile. on Wi-Fi it allows wireless remote control and file transfer via Phocus Mobile 2 and a built-in GPS module allows you to record location data for geotagging.

907X camera body

Characterized by its impressively compact and lightweight design, the 907X is the smallest medium-format camera body in HASSELBLAD and serves as the discrete interface between the V CFV II 50C digital backrest system interface and the X system's range of mirrorless lenses. By providing an X-system lens mount, this opens up the opportunity to pair the CFV II with autofocus and sheet shutter-enabled XCD lenses, as well as HC, HCD, V, XPan, and other third-party lenses through optional adapters. . The use of the 907X also allows greater access to wide-angle lens options, compared to the V system, when using XCD lenses.

Digital backup CFV II 50C

50 MP CMOS sensor and natural color solution HASSELBLAD
Rotating around a large 50MP CMOS sensor, measuring 43.8 x 32.9mm, the CFV II 50C is capable of capturing an extremely wide dynamic range of up to 14 stops along with a vivid 16-bit color depth. When combined with HASSELBLAD's natural color solution, tonal transitions and skin tones show immense depth, detail and clarity for realistic image quality, even in dark shadow areas and bright light areas. To suit the job in a variety of lighting conditions, a sensitivity range of ISO 100-25600 is available and fixed files are saved in the raw file format HASSELBLAD 3FR or as JPEG.

The HASSELBLAD 907X + 45mm f4 P Working with the spectacular image quality of the 50MP CMOS sensor, HASSELBLAD 's natural color solution is designed to deliver images with the most natural color without needing to delve into a variety of presets. This system is also capable of creating images with exceptionally smooth tonal transitions reminiscent of analog film capture, which is partly due to the CFV II's 16-bit color depth.

Backup design

  • With a V system interface, this digital backrest can be used in conjunction with the included 907X camera body, with virtually any HASSELBLAD V system film camera from 1957 or later, or with technical and display cameras with a V-system mounting interface.
  • The integrated 3.0" 920k dot tilting LCD display features a touchscreen design for intuitive control, menu navigation and playback. The updated display also has a fast refresh rate of 60fps for smoother playback and the display also supports drag-and-drop location of autofocus point and autofocus point size changes with pinch/extend finger movement. The tilting design of the screen also reinforces a top-down viewing position, similar to working with an optical waist-level finder.
  • It internally accepts a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to maintain the overall slender profile reminiscent of A12 and A16 film backs. This battery can also be charged on the back via the USB Type-C port.
  • The two SD memory card slots support the UHS-II protocol for faster read/write speeds.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to share files wirelessly, as well as remote control of the camera. In addition, Phocus Mobile 2 enables a rich connected shooting experience from an iPad Pro or iPad Air (2019).
  • The USB 3.0 Type-C connector can be used to transfer files, shoot with connection from an iPad, or to charge the battery in the camera through a computer, charger, or power bank.
  • The built-in GPS module can be used to record location details in image files for geotagging applications.
  • Optimized for use with the XCD series of lenses, which offer an integrated central shutter system, capable of synchronizing speeds of up to 1/2000 sec.
  • Available for select iPad models, Phocus Mobile 2 lets you import, edit, and classify raw images, as well as import and classify full-resolution JPEG images directly on a tablet. In addition, Phocus Mobile 2 supports full-resolution image export, connected shooting, and direct camera control.
  • Conventional computer-based connected shooting is supported through the desktop version of Phocus.