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tello DJI | Drone for beginners

The telloDJI is perfect for those who want to enjoy a drone without having to worry about anything else. It is able to take off from your hand record in 720p or take photos in 5 Megapixels and land again in front of you.

That does not mean that you can control it with VR glasses, take 360-degree photos or even pirouettes around you.

All its secrets are in DJI TELLO

DJI Tello

Dron para principiantes

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tello DJI | Drone for beginners

Perform flying stunts, make quick videos with EZ Shots and learn to program with drones. Get a Tello and discover how amazing it can be to fly a drone!

Built in partnership with Ryze Tech, the DJI Tello Quadcopter is designed to be a cute, fun and educational Quadcopter drone. Its small form factor and intel smart processor allow you to perform exciting aerial tricks at will, all through the control of your smartphone. Download the free Tello app and get going, with intuitive controls to entertain flight maneuvers. The included battery will power up to 13 minutes of flight on a full charge.
On the front of the Tello is a camera capable of streaming 720p video to your smartphone and capturing 5-megapixel photos in flight. The intelligent flight processor can coordinate camera movements for some custom shooting angles. The vision positioning system uses a downward-facing camera to ensure stable stationary movement whenever you want.
Apart from the battery mentioned above, the Tello also includes four pairs of propellers and propeller protections. Multi-colored top plates are available separately to customize the look of your drone.

Ideal for beginners

Flying the Tello drone is easy. Just pull out your phone with the app and start flying by literally launching the drone into the air. For those who are feeling adventurous, the Tello is compatible with VR headsets for FPV flights. Swipe to your smartphone to activate 8D changes for skillful air movements. If you want more touch control, connect a Bluetooth controller to your smartphone and fly more traditionally.

Integrated camera

Tello can stream 720p video or 5MP photos to your smartphone from up to 330' distance using its dual antenna. Electronic image stabilization helps keep your photos and videos stable. Coordinated flight movements allow you to capture short videos in a 'circle', '360' and 'up-and-away' style for a professional touch.

Use Tello to learn and create

Ryze Tech made Tello programmable with Scratch, a visual coding system developed by MIT, which allows kids and teens to learn the basics of programming while having fun. If you are a more advanced user, you can also develop software applications using tello SDK.

Security Features

Tello's lightweight and durable design features software and hardware protections, making it easy to fly with confidence.

  • Automatic take-off/landing: take-off or land with a single touch
  • Low battery protection: Alerts are triggered when the battery goes down
  • Fault protection: Land safely, even if you lose connection
  • Vision positioning system: downward-facing camera that facilitates precise back-and-forth movement

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