copy of Canon Eos R5 body
  • copy of Canon Eos R5 body
  • copy of Canon Eos R5 body
  • copy of Canon Eos R5 body
  • copy of Canon Eos R5 body
  • copy of Canon Eos R5 body

copy of Canon Eos R5 body

Camera Canon EOS R5 | buy Canon R5

The EOS R5 Canon Camera is the company's first full-frame mirrorless camera capable of 8K recording. By purchasing Canon R5 you can take advantage of the built-in image stabilization that works in harmony with RF Canon IS lenses for the first time in the history of the R-mount.

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Camara Canon EOS R5

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EOS R5 Canon Camera | buy Canon R5

  • A new era in image quality

New standards in high-resolution photos and exceptional 8K video quality. The EOS R5 takes image quality in stills and movies a step further with an impressive 20fps (or 12fps mechanically) electronic shutter. The EOS R5 is designed, refined and built for excellence.

  • Be a true filmmaker

Create your best works in stunning 8K video and enjoy exciting new creative capture possibilities. With such high resolution, the EOS R5 allows you to fully embrace the film genre and explore dynamic new ways to tell your story.

  • New stability standards

For the first time, a Canon camera offers built-in image stabilization that works in harmony with Canon IS RF lenses to provide the ultimate in super-sharp, shake-free images and movies. Shoot or capture handheld with the certainty of always getting the smoothest and sharpest results.

  • Connecting to the cloud and more

Capture and transfer images and videos on the go thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, which lets you connect to the new image of Canon. Supporting automatic image transfer, the EOS R5 lets you shoot and edit anywhere or automatically download content to your home computer.

  • Versatile and adaptable

Performance is on the inside. The dual card slot provides much longer recording time. And as part of the incredible EOS R family, with the stunning RF mount offering the ultimate in quality and adaptability, it is also compatible with Canon 's incredible range of EF lenses thanks to a selection of RF-EF adapters that ensure seamless integration.

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