BenQ SW240 + Visor
  • BenQ SW240 + Visor
  • BenQ SW240 + Visor
  • BenQ SW240 + Visor
  • BenQ SW240 + Visor
  • BenQ SW240 + Visor
  • BenQ SW240 + Visor
  • BenQ SW240 + Visor
  • BenQ SW240 + Visor

BenQ SW240 + Visor

BenQ SW240 monitor with visor

The BenQ SW240 Monitor with Visor is the perfect display for Adobe's package, as it features 99% Adobe RGB coverage. It has a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels with IPS technology at 60 hertz. We also highlight that this monitor has an anti-reflective layer, this together with the visor ensures natural colors making the BenQ SW240 an unbeatable screen for editing.

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Monitor BenQ SW240 con visera

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BenQ SW240 monitor with visor

Features of the BenQ SW240 monitor

With a commitment to adhering to the latest professional color standards, AQCOLOR technology has BenQ developed, which is based on the concept: "Accurate Reproduction". BenQ has invited a colour expert to lead the team and has been involved in the ICC (International Colour Consortium) and ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) to establish colour-related standards and their application.

99% Adobe RGB coverage

See the authentic colors of nature. The Adobe RGB color space offers a wider range of color reproduction for shades of blue and green, resulting in a more realistic color representation for outdoor and outdoor and outdoor photography.

10-bit color panel

Enjoy the smoothest color grading on a 10-bit panel that displays over a billion colors.

14-bit 3D LUT and Delta E ≤ 2

The 14-bit 3D lookup table (LUT) improves the accuracy of RGB color mixing, allowing you to reproduce color flawlessly. With a Delta E≤2 in the Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces, you can get the most authentic and representative display of the original image.

Hardware Calibration

Calibrating this 24-inch monitor for FULL HD photography allows you to adjust the image processing chip in the monitor without changing the output information of the graphics card. It maintains the consistency of the images compared to the original photographs, without being affected by the graphic adjustments.

Calibration Palette Master Element

With Palette Master Element software and a calibrator, you'll be able to fine-tune and maintain the monitor's color performance at its most optimal state.

Professional factory calibration for rigorous color accuracy

Each BenQ photographer monitor is individually factory calibrated after production to ensure accurate Delta E and gamma performance. Calibration results, with a mid-≤2 Delta E measurement for Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces, are validated against industry color standards to provide the most accurate and representative image of the original content.

Extra space for comfortable viewing

Enjoy the extra space offered by the SW240 FULL HD sRGB monitor, with a 24.1" display, a resolution of 1920x1200 and a 16:10 ratio – perfect for professional photographers or for everyday use. The slightly larger size of the SW240 monitor is ideal for viewing two A4-sized documents side-by-side, allowing photographers to compare content at a glance.

Quick access to color mode

Quick access to the SW240 sRGB IPS monitor's built-in color mode allows you to quickly switch between the 3 preset color modes without having to press other on-screen buttons. In addition, you can customize your preferred preset modes according to your own personal needs by simply pressing the shortcut for 5 seconds.

Advanced Black & White Mode

View your photos with black and white film effect. You can choose from three preset black and white values to preview your photos before making the actual adjustments in your photo processing program.


The 24-inch SW240 monitor includes a detachable visor, available as an optional accessory, which can effectively reduce reflections on the screen produced by ambient light, ensuring the optimal color accuracy required for professional work. The visor can be worn in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Features of the ColorChecker Display Pro HL Calibrator

Allowing users to calibrate their monitor's output to their exact specifications, Calibrite Display Pro HL is the latest in a long line of display calibration tools that have become an indispensable part of any media professional's workflow. Now capable of measuring up to 3000 nits, it supports a wide range of display technologies, such as OLED and Apple XDR, greatly increasing its accuracy and ease of use.

  • Measures up to 3000 nits using an advanced HL (High Luminance) sensor
  • Accurately measure, calibrate, and profile LCD, mini-LED, OLED, and Apple XDR panels
  • Calibrite PROFILER software included
  • USB-C connection with USB-A adapter