Canon 400mm f4.0 IS II L USM DO
  • Canon 400mm f4.0 IS II L USM DO
  • Canon 400mm f4.0 IS II L USM DO
  • Canon 400mm f4.0 IS II L USM DO
  • Canon 400mm f4.0 IS II L USM DO

Canon 400mm f4.0 IS II L USM DO

The lens Canon 400mm f4.0 IS II L USM DO, is a tele with diffracted optical lenses which gives it to have absence of chromatic aberrations, in addition it is possible to reduce much the size and weight of the objective

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400mm f/4 lens Supertelephoto lenses are compatible with full-frame EOS DSLR cameras as well as APS-C sized sensors, where a 35mm equivalent focal length of 640mm will be provided.
No diffractive optical double layer blanks contribute to a marked reduction of chromatic and spherical aberrations, as well as to the benefit of the design of a relatively compact and lightweight lens.
A large plant of aspherical element diameter and ultra low element (UD) dispersion minimize aberrations and distortions while contributing to greater sharpness and clarity.
Optimized lens coating help suppress reflection on the lens and ghost effect to increase contrast and more neutral color images.
An optical image stabilizer helps minimize the appearance of camera shake up to four stops of shutter speed to enable better work in low-light conditions and with slower shutter speeds. In addition, three dedicated image stabilization modes are available—Standard, Panoramic, and Exposure-Only and can be selectively employed to suit a variety of shooting types. Moreover, the image stabilization system does not need to be disabled when shooting with a tripod.
An ultrasonic motor (USM), along with an internal focusing system, is employed to deliver fast, accurate and near-silent autofocus performance.
Located on the front of the lens, AF stop buttons allow you to intuitively stop the autofocus lens at any time.
A dedicated feed focus mode produces smooth, measured focus that is well suited to video applications.
When working in autofocus mode, full-time manual focus can be used to instantly switch between manual and automatic focusing methods.
A weatherproof design protects the lens from dust and moisture to allow it to be used in harsh conditions. In addition, fluorine coatings have also been applied to the front and rear lens elements for added protection against fingerprints and smudges.
Nine rounded diaphragm blades contribute to a pleasant quality of focus that benefits the use of depth of field and selective focusing techniques.