Gold Type BLEXAR 1750MB/s
  • Gold Type BLEXAR 1750MB/s

Gold Type BLEXAR 1750MB/s

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Card CFexpress LEXAR gold

The CFexpress LEXAR gold card has a very advanced technology, designed to deal with video of high resolutions, perfect for 8K. The speed that this card is capable of achieving on the right hardware is 1.7Gb/s read and 1Gb/s write. Another notable feature of the Laxer Gold Type B is its compatibility with XQD.

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Tarjeta CFexpress Lexar gold

Capacity: 128 GB

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Card CFexpress Professional LEXAR

Capture high-quality images and 4K/8K RAW videos without interruption with the CFexpress™ Type B Professional LEXAR® card. Designed to take advantage of the capabilities of next-generation cinema and DSLR cameras, this rugged card supports both PCI Express® Gen 3 and NVMe protocol while providing high-speed performance, durability and reliability, with a read transfer speed of up to 1750MB/s1.

Designed to take advantage of the capabilities of next-generation cinema cameras and high-resolution DSLRs, the LEXAR Professional CFexpress™ Type B card lets you capture stunning, high-quality images and extended length 4K/8K RAW movies. It offers incredible read speeds of up to 1750MB/s1 and up to 1000MB/s write.

Whether you're on the hunt for sunsets or road races, or any other adventure, the LEXAR Professional CFexpress Type B card offers the great durability you need to protect it from shock/vibration. From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall, you'll have the peace of mind of owning a card you can trust to capture stunning images.

The card's high-speed performance allows you to capture and transfer files quickly. Used in conjunction with the LEXAR Professional CFexpress Type B reader, it will maximize the ® card's read transfer speed capability. This will radically speed up the workflow from start to finish, so you can save time and get back to business.

For added versatility, the card is backward compatible with certain versions of XQD®2 cameras, empowering existing devices with state-of-the-art performance.

All LEXAR product designs undergo extensive testing in LEXAR Quality Laboratories, facilities with more than 1,100 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility and reliability.


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