Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s
  • Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s
  • Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s
  • Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s
  • Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s
  • Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s
  • Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s
  • Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s

Lexar SD UHS-II 1667X 250Mb/s

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Today professional cameras need a memory according to the LEXAR SD card 1667X,offers a transfer speed of up to 250Mb / s and even reaching reading at 260 Mb / s. LAs LEXAR SDHC have UHS-II technology
for such high speed cameras you can capture with exceptional quality 1080p full-HD, 3D and 4K videos both in your dslr, mirrorless and in video cameras.

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Tarjeta Lexar SD 1667X

Lexar SDHC

Capacity: 64 GB

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LEXAR's professional 1667x UHS-II SDXC memory card features a storage capacity of 64GB and leverages the UHS-II bus to support advanced DSLR features such as continuous shutter bursts and fast shooting, as well as raw capture and JPEG. This card is also suitable for video capture, including 4K, 3D, and Full HD videos, and can reach maximum read speeds of up to 250MB/s and maximum write speeds of up to 80MB/s. Thanks to its V60 speed class rating, it is guaranteed that the minimum write speeds will not fall below 60 MB/s.

UHS-II cards reach their speed through an additional row of pins and although this card has been designed for UHS-II/V60 compatible cameras, it can be used on devices that are not UHS-II/V60 compatible. However, keep in mind that this card will have your device's default speed class and bus rating, such as UHS-II and V30, which supports minimum write speeds of 30MB/s, or UHS-I and U3, which also supports a minimum write speeds of 30MB/s. If your device does not support U3, this card supports U1 and Class 10 standards, each of which guarantees minimum write speeds of 10MB/s.

To help protect against accidental deletion of files, there is a built-in write protection switch. To further safeguard possible data loss, users can download image rescue free software which is designed to recover most photo and video files.

General characteristics

  • High-speed performance leverages UHS-II (U3) technology for data read speed up to 1667x (250MB/s)
  • Capture high-quality images and extended lengths of enhanced 1080p Full HD, 3D and 4K video with a DSLR camera, HD camcorder or 3D camera
  • A large capacity of up to 64GB allows you to shoot longer without changing cards
  • High-speed file transfer from card to computer to drastically speed up workflow
  • Backward compatible with UHS-I and Class 10 devices

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