Canon 17mm f4 TS E
  • Canon 17mm f4 TS E
  • Canon 17mm f4 TS E

Canon 17mm f4 TS E

VAT included

The 17mm f4 TS E Canon off-center lens will allow you to have only manual focus, but in return you can control the whole process in terms of horizons and also control the perspective, all accompanied by lenses of the highest professional quality of the Canon L brand.


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The TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift lens Canon is an ultra wide-angle manual focus lens for EF mount cameras with a 104º diagonal angle of view on full-frame cameras. It is the widest tilt-shift lens in Canon alignment and offers pan and tilt functions to control perspective and the correct convergence of lines within its frame. It is especially useful in architecture, landscape and product photography. Optical tilt mechanisms allow precise control of depth of field, along with perspective control.

The tilt shift function on the 17mm f/4 lens allows adjustment of the focal plane at an angle of +/- 6.5º and allows parallel change of the optical axis by +/- 12mm. Both tilt and displacement can be contracted separately and in combination. The tilt-shift mechanism rotates locks at right angles and in parallel and clicks at 45º and the lens mount itself can rotate left or right 90º with click-stop adjustment every 30º.

Being an L Canon series lens, its optical design and physical structure are optimal. Aspherical and ultra-low elements of the dispersion lens suppress aberrations and provide sharp delineation. Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) reduces ghosting and glare and truly circular diaphragm results in pleasant out-of-focus background. The lens focus ring provides precise manual focusing action and improved tilt and shift knobs are sturdy and smoothly controlling the mechanisms.

TS-E lens is compatible with all Canon EOS cameras
The diagonal viewing angle (without tilt or shift) 104° is ideal for ultra-wide angle applications including architecture, landscape and product photography.
Wide image circle of 67.2mm is 50% higher than 35mm/full film frame area.
High precision glass (18 elements / 12 groups) for low distortion and high resolution at the edge of the image.
The tilt and scroll mechanism rotates +/- 90°, allowing scrolling in any direction and the independent tilt mechanism rotates +/- 90°, allowing tilting in any direction relative to the shift.
One aspherical and four UD lens elements minimize chromatic aberration.
A floating internal focusing mechanism delivers high image quality throughout the focus range.
Sub-wavelength structure coatings minimize ghosting and glare
A truly circular opening creates pleasant background areas out of focus.