Canon XF605
  • Canon XF605
  • Canon XF605
  • Canon XF605
  • Canon XF605
  • Canon XF605
  • Canon XF605

Canon XF605

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Camera Canon XF605

The XF605 Canon camera by joining a 4K CMOS sensor of type 1.0 with a DIGIC DV7 image processor you will be able to capture UHD 4k without losing detail at the height of professionals. the integrated lens is a 15x optical zoom with high-speed, highly accurate eye-detection and intelligent head-tracking AF that allows wider dynamic range to capture in Canon Log 3 or record directly in PQ or HLG HDR formats.

Camara Canon XF605


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Camera Canon XF605

Combining high-resolution capture with a mobile workflow, the XF605 UHD 4K HDR Pro camcorder with 15x Canon zoom is an ideal choice for ENG, sports, entertainment and storytelling applications. This compact 1" CMOS sensor camera with a DIGIC DV 7 engine features high sensitivity, cine Canon color matrix options, Canon Log 3, HDR support, and Eye AF and EOS iTR AF X (head detection) autofocus modes. Offers up to UHD 4K60 4:2:2 10-bit capture in a variety of All-I and Long-GOP XF-AVC and MP4 H.264/H.265 formats with the ability to capture different codecs and speeds simultaneously on your dual SD card A Direct Touch Control touchscreen menu, four-channel XLR audio, simultaneous outputs, a USB Type-C video output and an iPhone app based on established XF series features, as individual focus, iris and zoom rings, and in ND filters.

  • High-resolution performance

Whether recording ENG, sporting events, live entertainment or broadcast-style footage, the XF605 Canon is ready to deliver high-resolution video using a compact form and mobile workflow options, including an iPhone app, LAN port and dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi.

  • 4K UHD CMOS sensor

Capture speeds up to UHD 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 include stream-ready 59.94 frame rates

High-speed 1080p120 capture for revealing slow-motion shots

High sensitivity up to 2000 lux at f/12 is perfect for low-light locations

  • DIGIC DV 7 engine

DIGIC DV 7 engine powers camcorder processing of 4K, 10-bit 4:2:2 video and selectable color matrix settings, including Canon EOS and other industry-standard matrix options, as well as supporting Canon Log 3/HLG and PQ color spaces The processor allows you to take advantage of dual SD card slots for dual recording, broadcast recording and multiple simultaneous recording options of your footage in MP4 or XFAVC.

  • 15x L Canon zoom

A 15x optical zoom/30x digital zoom (25.5-382.5mm equivalent to 35mm) lets you reach near and far shots, whether in the field or in the studio, and the 9-blade iris provides a nice, natural bokeh effect

Independent F/I/Z controls: Three rings provide professional, individual control over focus, iris and zoom settings

Image stabilization: Three optical IS options include standard, dynamic and motorized IS for smoother motion shots

  • Advanced autofocus

The XF605 is the first in the XF family to support ENG to offer two autofocus features familiar to EOS Series users Canon that help keep your image sharp during dynamic shooting:

Eye AF focuses on the subject's eye for sharp eye focus

EOS iTR AF X (Head Detection) does a good trick to stay focused on the subject even after you turn your head to the side or away from the camera

  • Recording frames and intervals

Create captivating time-lapse effects using the XF605's frame recording and interval recording modes. Frame recording captures a set number of frames with each trigger press. Interval recording allows you to choose the number of recorded frames and the length of the interval between them.

  • cinema color

Match the look of your other Canon cameras to the XF605's cine color matrix selections. Use Canon Log3, HLG and PQ HDR for beautifully detailed images.

  • USB video output

Thanks to a USB Type-C video output, you no longer need an HDMI to USB adapter and can take advantage of all the features of the XF605 while using it as a webcam, improving the image and audio quality of your streaming output.

  • New touch screen

Get intuitive touchscreen control, including start/stop with the XF605's direct touch control menu taken from the Canon C70 cinema camera.

  • XFT iPhone App

Canon's new XFT iPhone CTM (Mobile Content Transfer) app enables a truly mobile news workflow. Use the app to exchange footage, audio, and proxy metadata over your dial-up connection and a newsroom server and integrate the content into assignment planning software.

  • HDR-compatible display options

View your images simultaneously via EVF (viewfinder) and drop-down LCD, and output via HDMI and SDI

HDR compatibility allows you to view finely nuanced images even in darker, brighter areas.

  • 4-channel audio

A new multifunction shoe on the XF605 gives you access to up to four inputs on the XLR audio unit, perfect for capturing ambient sound over one to three speakers.

  • Lightweight and compact shape

The compact XF605 is approximately 25% lighter and 10% smaller than the XF705, a difference you'll notice on long shooting days.

  • Wired remote control

Use the LANC-based RC-V100 to control your camera's main functions and shading options. Use a NU (RS-422) controller such as the RC-IP100 to control the XF605 and other cameras on your network.