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Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4
  • Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4

Fuji XT30 II + 60mm f2.4

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Fuji XT30 II + 60mm

The APS-C combo with this prime lens, FUJI XT30 II + 60mm f2.4 is ideal for macro photography with an equivalent focal length of 90mm and soft bokeh. Take full advantage of the union of the X-Processor 4 image processor with Quad CPU and the APSC sensor of more than 26 Mp. with this interesting kit also suitable for portraits

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Fuji XT30 II + 60mm

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 FUJI XT30 II + 60mm

In its compact body weighing just 378g, the X-T30 II features devices that boast the highest performance in X Series history, namely the 26.1MP X-Trans ™ CMOS 4 sensor and the high-speed X-Processor 4 image processor. processing engine, to achieve AF performance equivalent to the significantly evolved flagship model, X-T4. Fast, high-precision AF with a focusing speed of up to 0.02 seconds is complemented by an exceptional ability to follow a moving subject, capturing a decisive photo opportunity in a wide variety of shooting situations. The new camera can also use phase detection AF in near-dark conditions at -7.0EV*1 to accurately capture a subject in low-light conditions and indoors, and supports high-speed video recording in smooth and tonality-rich 4K/30P and HD/240P modes.

The X-T30 II comes with 18 film simulation modes, including "Classic Neg," ideal for street photography, and "ETERNA Bleach Bypass," which faithfully simulates the film processing technique of the same name. Extended alignment allows users to choose the mode that suits each situation.

The algorithm has been updated for the popular "AUTO" mode. The camera automatically identifies the type of shooting scenes based on whether there are people in the frame and other data such as color information and distance from the light source, and applies the latest image processing technology to adjust settings to optimal options, making it easy to get beautiful images. imagery. Users no longer have to fiddle with detailed settings as the camera switches to clear, vivid settings for landscapes, provides beautiful skin tone while accentuating blue skies and nature in the background for portraits, and controls light and shadow cutouts even in backlit situations.

2. Main features of the product

(1) Fast, high-precision AF performance and advanced burst shooting capability to capture a decisive photographic moment in a variety of situations

・ The X-T30 II is equipped with the 26.1MP "X-Trans ™ CMOS 4" sensor and the "X-Processor 4" high-speed image processing engine to enable advanced phase detection AF throughout the frame (approximately 100%) The X Series' fastest AF speed of 0.02 seconds combines with impressive AF tracking performance to capture decisive photo opportunities.

・ The camera offers burst shooting without blackouts* 2 at up to 8fps in mechanical shutter mode and up to 30fps in electronic shutter mode.

・ The camera can also use phase detection AF in near-darkness conditions at -7.0EV*1 to accurately capture a subject in low-light and dark rooms.

・ The AF system uses the latest algorithm to achieve improved AF capability to accurately follow a moving subject compared to the previous model. It can accurately follow a subject approaching and even moving away from the camera. Its face/eye AF feature keeps a subject's face/eyes in focus even in portrait photographs involving subject movements.

*2 High-speed continuous shooting without blackouts, in which the viewfinder turns off, causing the photographer to lose sight of the photo subject. This is only available when the camera is in electronic shutter mode.

(2) Various film simulations and AUTO function evolved to deliver exceptional image quality

・ The X-T30 II comes with 18 film simulations simulating unique sets of colors, hue levels, and saturation, including "Neg classic" based on negative color films that are typically used in snapshots that capture everyday scenes, and "ETERNA Bleach Bypass," which faithfully simulates the film processing technique of the same name. The expanded line allows users to choose the mode that suits each situation, as if switching to a different photographic film in the old days.

・ The algorithm for the popular "AUTO" mode, which automatically adjusts settings to suit each scene, has been updated, further improving the image quality it produces compared to the previous model. The mode automatically applies color chrome effect (blue), clarity, D-range priority and other settings according to a given condition, making landscapes clearer and more vivid, reproducing a beautiful skin tone while accentuating blue sky and natural background in portraits, and controlling highlights and shadow clippings in backlit situations. The camera's AUTO function makes it easier than ever to get beautiful images optimized for individual conditions.

(3) Extensive video recording functions

・ The X-T30 II uses the equivalent amount of data to generate Erate 4K video to ensure high resolution. The camera can output 4K/30P video at 8-bit 4:2:0 on an SD card and 4K/30P video at 10-bit 4:2:2 to HDMI. In addition, it now supports high-speed Full HD/240P video, capable of reproducing momentary action of a fast-moving subject in slow motion in up to 10x.

(4) Excellent operability to meet a wide range of needs

・ The camera accommodates a wide range of shooting styles, including large-scale manual shooting using the shutter speed dial on the superior panel and quick snapshots in AUTO mode. The shutter speed dial allows users to visually check a current setting, so they can prepare for upcoming shots even when the camera is off. AUTO mode can be activated with a one-action operation of the automatic mode selector lever on the superior panel of the camera body.

・ New 1.62 million-dot high-definition LCD display shows a subject with stunning clarity.

Lens Features FUJI 60mm f2.4 Macro

The X-mount has a distance to the edge of just 17.7mm, as it has been specifically designed to take full advantage of the mirrorless design of the body. This means that the rear elements of the lens are as close as possible to the sensor. The wide aperture allows the lens to be mounted deeper into the body (approximately up to 7.5 mm from the mount surface), reducing the rear focus distance of each lens to the minimum possible and allowing high resolution to be obtained to the edges of the image.

This versatile 60mm XF F2.4 macro lens (90mm equivalent in 135m) provides excellent image resolution across the entire image, including edges.

The 60mm XF F2.4 lens offers precise control of depth of field and excellent "bokeh" effect with the background out of focus thanks to the design of the molded aperture blades. The sheets are curved to create a circular image at all aperture settings, while the edges of each sheet are meticulously rounded rather than simply cut, allowing for a sharper image.

In addition, the feeling of solidity provided by the high-quality metal drum and the precise exposure adjustment in 1/3 step increments using the aperture ring fuel the desire to capture more photos with each shot.

XF60mmF2.4 R Macro
Lens construction
10 elements in 8 groups (includes 1 aspherical and 1 abnormal dispersion element)
Focal length
(135 equivalent: 91mm)
Angle of view
Max. aperture
Min. aperture
Aperture control
  • Number of of blades : 9 (rounded diaphragm opening)
  • Stop size : 1/3EV (20 stops)
Focus range
Approx. 26.7cm - ∞
Max. magnification
External dimensions
Ø64.1mm x 70.9mm
Approx. 215g (excluding caps and hoods)
Filter size