DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
  • DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
  • DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
  • DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
  • DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
  • DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
  • DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
  • DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
  • DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro

DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro

VAT included

Stabilizer Ronin DJI RS 3 Pro

The Ronin DJI RS 3 Pro Stabilizer is a professional 3-axis gimbal with a weight of one kilo, capable of loading cameras up to 4.5 Kg of weight so it is perfect for the FX6 or CANON C70 SONY. Compatible with 1/4 universal screw input. The battery of this device is 1950 mAh, enough for about 12 hours of autonomy that is also rechargeable in just 1.5 hours. It includes a small LCD screen for configuration and compatibility with 2.4 Ghz radio protocol and Bluetooth.

Available in expansion kit at this link

Estabilizador Ronin DJI RS 3 Pro


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Stabilizer Ronin DJI RS 3 Pro

The DJI RS3 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer has been redesigned to be sleeker and more powerful than the Ronin RS 2 gimbal, with its carbon fiber body weighing just 3.3 lbs and a payload of up to 10 lbs. This tiny gimbal is tough enough to support and stabilize midsize cameras like the FX6 SONY or CANON C70 with a 24-70mm zoom lens attached. With a larger full-color OLED display, a new fine-tuning knob, and increased stability, the RS 3 can become an essential part of your professional camera kit.

Quick release plates

The new extended lower quick release plate ensures more stable camera mounting and is convenient to install lens mount for safe settings.

Automated shaft locks

When the gimbal is off, you can press and hold the power button and all three axes unlock while the gimbal automatically expands, allowing you to start working in just two seconds. Press the power button once and the axes automatically lock and enter sleep mode, making a move or storage significantly more efficient.

Wireless shutter control

Equipped with dual-mode Bluetooth technology, the RS 3 Pro can achieve efficient and reliable wireless shutter control. Pre-paired cameras can be automatically reconnected, saving you a lot of time with each use.

Integrated Controls

With a fine-tuning knob recently added on the tilt axis, the camera can slide forward or backward with millimeter-grade precision adjustments to achieve precise balance more easily when changing lenses.

With Teflon-coated components for lower friction resistance, the RS 3 Pro can be balanced more easily, even when mounting heavy cameras.

By simply sliding the new gimbal mode switch, you can toggle between pan tracking, pan and tilt and FPV modes. FPV mode selection can also be customized for 3D Roll 360, Portrait or Custom, allowing you to fine-tune your gear and get started as quickly as possible.

Turning the front dial allows you to control zoom or focus. It can also be customized to control the camera's shutter, aperture, ISO, or gimbal movements, making it exceptionally convenient for one-handed operation.

Third generation RS stabilization algorithm

Powered by a state-of-the-art stabilization algorithm, the RS 3 Pro provides 20% improved stability over the RS 2, effortlessly managing low-angle shots, running stages, or switching between high and low positions.

Get super-smooth results

When SuperSmooth mode is enabled, the RS 3 Pro increases torque to further improve stabilization, delivering stable images even in fast-moving scenarios or with focal lenses equivalent to 100mm.

Active Track Pro

Tracking in the Ronin series has never been more accurate or responsive. The latest generation ActiveTrack Pro can read images directly from the camera integrated in the LiDAR rangefinder, without the need for the Ronin image transmitter. Using ActiveTrack Pro, you can directly monitor or frame the subject on the RS 3 Pro's OLED touchscreen.

DJI RS 3 Pro